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February 9, 2016

Hello to friends and fans!

I've been in recovery mode since September 17 when I took a tumble off my bike and broke right leg and right wrist. I'm not easily stopped, but I'll confess to slowing down while recuperating. I gave three concerts in my wheelchair and another two with cane at hand. As of today, I can kick up my heels, even if coming down a grand staircase gracefully à la Mistinguett is still a challenge. Many thanks to all who sent me "Get Well" wishes. I got well!

Artist and arts writer Robert Kameczura has documented my recovery with his unique flair.
RK_ClaudiaRecovery (263K)

All the projects foreseen in my 2014 news came to fruition in ample fashion. The Vocal Canvas film, now called Ovations for a Wise Man and a Fool, was supported by individual donations of $5000 to match the city grant. The video with or without subtitles is now on view at the end of the Vocal Canvas playlist on YouTube.
As a way of seeing and hearing, the Vocal Canvas concerts continue to grow and I'm looking forward to two this spring for Scarab Club in Detoit and Beverly Arts Center in Chicago.

My participation as a student in the first Pro Track for the St Louis Cabaret Conference was mind-bending (as I had hoped it would be). Six of the 8 Pro-Track participants from 2015 will showcase in St. Louis on April 3. And plans are afoot to take us to New York City and a town or two in the Midwest. Most significant, I've made a new friend, coach and collaborator of Faith Prince. While I was at the hospital, Faith checked in on my recuperation and suggested we partner to bring a cabaret-musical theatre workshop to France in 2017. In my best French, I said you betcha! So, as soon as the show she's rehearsing opens on Broadway next month, we're going to start some serious planning.

I'm also excited to have recently met Tammy McCann, a wonderful singer known to Chicago Tribune readers as a rising jazz vocalist on the national scene. What excites me most about Tammy is her commitment to bringing "story-telling through song" to the jazz stage.

The year 2016 promises to be a year of planning for incredible projects and performances in 2017. Stay tuned!