The Travel Abroad Trio brings Claudia together with singer Sean Harris (her partner on the Jazz Fauré Project) and singer-pianist-composer Elizabeth Doyle of Espresso. Take advantage of the trio's flair for languages and styles—French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and even Chinese; Neapolitans, spirituals, pop songs, swing and jazz, opera arias, art songs and original songs.

First commissioned by Imagine Foundation of Jacksonville, Illinois, the trio offers a residency for libraries, elementary schools, high schools, retirement centers; master classes for college students and adults, and in particular an encounter with visually-impaired youth for whom Sean (blind since youth) serves as inspiration.

The Travel Abroad Quintet

Travel Abroad Trio

We became the Travel Abroad Quintet with Jim Cox on bass and Phil Gratteau on drums at North Park University, February 2010