The Teacher as impresario:
setting the stage for school assemblies

Performances in school allow for a greater number of students to participate and provide more time to engage in workshops and master classes. So let's transform your school into "Paris"!

It's best to have the show in as intimate a setting as possible. A group of 50 can go to the "cabaret club" ON the auditorium stage; with curtain drawn. Add two or three small tables, a piano, décor, et voilà!

A group of 100 can use the school library or social room; a group of 200 can take over the gym or cafeteria. With the judicious use of a follow-spot and a scattering of cloth-covered tables topped with candles, students can create their own cabaret room. Other setups have included a large hallway, the band room, and the orchestra pit area of a large auditorium.

Donations of foods from parents, staff, and local bakeries make for a festive and genuine cabaret experience.

Lighting, sound, piano, and props are addressed in the Technical Rider. Hand this off to your school's technician who may be a member of the drama department, a janitor or engineer, or even the crew leader for a student crew.