Women of Paris: the DVD

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  • Women of Paris

    "Women of Paris"—as André Maurois wrote in 1958—is not "la Parisienne", a myth, an idea, an essence. The women of Paris exist, diverse, individual and picturesque."
    Novelist Balzac. "The woman of Paris has genius in her bearing."

    It is no wonder that Paris is so deeply associated with the siren call of its women who sing. No other place in the world can boast such a rich roster of divas. As Claudia declares in her version of the opening song, Bonjour Paris, "Some were born in Paris, some made it in Paris, and others had the greatness of Paris thrust upon them."

    In WOMEN OF PARIS, Claudia Hommel celebrates the chanteuses of Paris—among them, Paulette Darty, the creator in 1905 of the song Fascination; Mistinguett, "Queen of the Music Hall" for whom was written My Man; African-American entertainers adopted by Paris as its own—Josephine Baker and Bricktop; the icon of post-war Left Bank "beat" Juliette Gréco, and the superstar of French chanson Édith Piaf.

    Bonjour ParisAudrey HepburnRoger Edens & Leonard Gershe (from Funny Face), adapted by Claudia Hommel
    FascinationPaulette DartyF.D. Marchetti , Bill Hansen, Maurice de Féraudy
    La Diva de l'EmpirePaulette DartyErik Satie, Dominique Bonnaud & Numa Blès
    Mon homme (My Man) MistinguettAlbert Willemetz, Jacques Charles, Maurice Yvain & Channing Pollock
    Parlez-moi d'amourLucienne Boyer Jean Lenoir
    Aux îles HawaïiJosephine BakerPascal Bastia & Jean Bastia
    J'ai deux amours (Two Loves Have I)Josephine BakerGéo Koger & Vincent Scotto
    Insufficient SweetieBricktopIsham Jones & Gil Wells
    Miss Otis RegretsBricktopCole Porter
    Padam padamEdith PiafHenri Contet & Norbert Glanzberg<
    Les feuilles mortes (Autumn Leaves)Edith Piaf & GrécoJacques Prévert & Joseph Kosma; Johnny Mercer
    Bal dans ma rueEdith PiafMichel Emer
    Chanson des vieux amants Juliette GrécoGérard Jouannest & Jacques Brel
    Mon manège à moiEdith Piaf Noêl Glanzberg & Jean Constantin
    You don't know PareeCole Porter
    & Non, je ne regrette rienEdith Piaf Michel Vaucaire & Charles Dumont
    Ca, c'est ParisMistinguettJosé Padilla, Lucien Boyer, Jacques Charles
    & Paree, What Did You Do to Me Cole Porter