A Study Guide

Each STUDY GUIDE contains the playlist, French lyrics, and vocabulary list for the show along with the historical context of each song, questions for students to explore, suggested pre- and post-performance activities, a brief history of the period, and further references. Claudia Hommel’s recording of Paris/Paree is also a recommended teaching tool.


A Study Guide prepared for High School Students and Teachers

Paris scene 1949


About the show and the artistsPage 2
The story of this show
Artist on campus
Discovering Paris 1950Page 3
Using this Study Guide
Sharing your Discovery
The PlaylistPage 4
The Lyrics, Translation and CommentaryPage 5
Le VocabulairePage 20
Notes for the TeachersPage 22
Using French songs to teach French
Suggestions for pre- and post-performance activitiesPage 23
The publicity crew, the set-up crew
The journalists
The postcard projectPage 24
The cabaret project
Song circlesPage 25
Guidelines for a Master ClassPage 27
A brief social history of FrancePage 28
Pieces of a bibliography, filmographyPage 29
The cabaret album: Paris/PareePage 30