The presenter and audience reviews are in:

Press, presenters, and audience agree: an evening with Claudia is sure to be the "zenith of the season", the "auditorium was jammed", to "take off on a magical journey". "No one should miss this opportunity!" Take a look at the pages for each group.

The raves continued at Ravinia when the Festival brought Claudia to recreate a cabaret evening for the 170-plus lucky people in attendance. Here's what a few of them wrote:


Dorothy Andries of Pioneer Press says:
"For a few hours, we were in Paris, transported by a marvelous cabaret show at the Ravinia Festival starring the remarkable singer Claudia Hommel. An excellent actress, she can set a mood with a turn of her head or the look in her eyes." (more )

From letters to the Ravinia artistic manager:
"Claudia has a great voice, is full of energy and engages the audience - and I even learned something. Can't beat that. I hope you will have her back. I will definitely be there." — J. Guest

"Ravinia is such a wonderful venue and the audience appeared very receptive and even enthused over her charm and music. The musicians were all good and fun and pulled off a delightful evening for everyone. Have them back." — J. Stokes

"It gives great pleasure to beg you to "bring her back"! Claudia was a real crowd pleaser and the evening flew by as she not only entertained, but engaged her audience on many levels. The casualness of which the performance was given, was wrapped in elegance, style and taste." — S. Greenberg

"She is such brilliant singer and her interpretations of the songs she chose is amazing. She looked like she was having as good a time as the audience. I am very picky in regards to the versions of Josephine Baker & Edith Piaf I like to listen to and Claudia is one of the few vocalists I think does justice to their songs. We both would come back in a Parisian minute." — K. Johnson

"I was in the audience Friday night for Claudia's performance. It was a wonderful evening of song and storytelling about the female cabaret/song artists of France. Claudia's song and visual interpretations transformed the Northshore suburban room into what I imagine a French cabaret to be. I was in Paris! " — J. Kuersten

"There was a very nice feel to the room... It became warmer and more comfortable the minute she started her performance and by the end of the evening I felt those in attendance were bonded by the common experience of the journey she took us on. ...Adding to the high quality were the other musicians onstage, Bob Moreen and Don Stille. ...This was a fine example of "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". Their interplay and mutual musical understanding, coupled with the obvious joy they all have performing together was a pleasure to experience. ...I suggest that Ravinia
a) continue with cabaret evenings, and b) invite Claudia back so she can transform her audiences again and again." — M. Abel

To Claudia: "You were amazing. What a treat to have you performing at our beloved Ravinia Park. You were truly a perfect ambassador for bringing Chicago cabaret to Ravinia." — N. McEntee