Claudia Hommel defines the "Best of the Best." Claudia's performance at the Glenview Public Library, Jazzy Paris: A January Delight, was the centerpiece of our January program series, Bring the World Home—We'll Always Have Paris.

We stumbled on Claudia through an Internet search for a local French chanteuse, not only to find out that she is one of Chicago's most respected French cabaret artists, but also a former librarian—who understands the library world, our audience, and truly cares about our work.

Claudia asked that we try to set the mood and create a cabaret feeling. This was a great suggestion. With a few card tables, tablecloths, and soft lighting, we transformed our community room into a French cabaret on a dreary and cold winter Sunday. Accompanied by the sounds of a gypsy accordionist, dressed in French style, and using evocative props, Claudia transports her audience to the romance and rhythms of a Paris cabaret.

As a footnote, Claudia continues to be generous with her time, making excellent suggestions for other local performers, as she is so well-connected with the Chicago music scene.

Jennifer Black
Department Head
Public Information
Glenview Public Library