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  • By the Riverbank: Jazz Fauré swinging in English
  • The Jazz Fauré Project: au bord de l'eau
  • The Jazz Fauré Project: the two volume set of French and English
  • Romance Language: French songs for lovers
  • Paris in the Jazz Age
  • Paris/Paree
  • Women of Paris: the DVD
  • Vocal Canvas "Ovations for a Wise Man and a Fool": the DVD
  • Mostly French: the Don White Quartet

  • DVDs

    Ovations for a Wise Man and a Fool"—two short art films and the full concert live—the DVD (2014)

  • To see excerpts, visit our playlist at YouTube

  • $30

    Women of Paris, live in performance, the DVD (2008)

  • To see excerpts, visit the Maison Clobert channel at YouTube

  • $10


    All Maison Clobert CDs come with extensive liner notes, complete with lyrics, translations, commentary and more. Fans in a recent survey confirm "The liner notes double the value of the CDs."

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    By the Riverbank CD
    By the Riverbank: the Jazz Fauré Theatre Project CD (2011)


    JFP (64K)
    The Jazz Fauré Project: au bord de l'eau (2006)


    The Jazz Fauré Project two-album set
    (Au bord de l'eau AND By the Riverbank)


    romance (54K)
    Romance Language (2002)


    jazzage (79K)
    Paris in the Jazz Age (2000)


    paree (149K)
    Paris/Paree (1997)


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  • Archival Recording

    CD Cover
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    the Don White Accordion Quartet

    Claudia appears as special guest with the quartet of accordionists Don White and Dick Caldwell, violin and bass. For this recording, Don White chose the most romantic and fun French musettes, chansons and Latin tangos. Claudia sings Milord, Danse avec Moi, Hymn to Love and La Mer.