Claudia's projects and collaborations

Working in Concert is the umbrella under which my numerous projects find a home. From solo shows to teaching, from Vocal Canvas to Women of Paris, the many collaborations I am involved in and the musicians I play with are all part of the larger concert of my work.

What a joy it is to bring you on this journey, too. The intimacy of cabaret allows me to transport my audience from the auditorium or classroom to a Parisian café, from the club or restaurant to the whirl of a merry-go-round, from a concert hall to the secret hallways of the heart.

And the journey doesn't stop there! I lead exciting adventures through the heart and art of Paris on my inTOURlude excursions, including the new Chicago-Paris Singers' Exchange.

I have the privilege of working with children as an artist-in-education and mentoring adults in SongShops as they explore and strengthen their own joy of singing. In French, English or any language, we erase boundaries of time and place as we play with great melodies and heartfelt lyrics. From young to old, everyone "gets" it.

Join me! Let's work in concert!

Vocal Canvas Concerts
Weatherston6 (64K)
Solos inspired by Paris
The Jazz Fauré Project
Espresso Chicago
SongShop Live!
Cabaret in the Classroom
EiffelSalute (63K)
Cabaret Intourludes
Claudia is proud to have instigated the founding of CCP in 1998 and to help it thrive all these years.
Chicago-Paris Singers' Exchange

So much of our work happens because people like you applaud our work. Contact Claudia via our Get In Touch page and ask how you can give us a hand. Thank you!